Mathieu Gravey is a 25-year-old Ph.D. Student at the University of Lausanne. He intends to create new spectral bands in old satellite images.

He has started his computing formation at the “Lycée Albert Schweitzer” in Mulhouse, France, by learning Pascal.

He continued with OOP trough Delphi. Finally, he switched to the C family language, when he started to write iOS applications.

He studied at the Mines School of Alès, in south France, where he did a specialization: EMACS (Engineering and Management Complex System). He chose to increase his knowledge of computing, with two other specializations. The first one, Design and Management of Information Systems, to have a better vision of computing and information system in its all. Second is about innovation and problem solving, to have efficient methodologies in face of new challenges.

Beside his formation, he is always looking to improve his global knowledge of computing, by developing mobile applications, by learning about CUDA and other GPU technologies.

According to Mathieu, this peculiar background allowed him to get two valuable internships. In the first one, he worked for the French company IGO on many projects witch included mobile applications, web, image processing and GIS (Geographic information system) technology. In the other one at the BFH in Switzerland, he participated on the development of a 3D multi-sensor laser-scanner for manhole.

After those internships, he has integrated the IDYST (Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics) at the UNIL (University of Lausanne), where he started by working on completion and densification of points clouds.

Now, he is still at the IDYST and work on his PhD. project to extract new spectral bands from old satellite images.

Origin of the blog

Mathieu won the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge. After lot of questions and many answers, he has decide to start this blog, to share good tricks and interesting discoveries about parallelization and optimization.